Git Gud

What does Git Gud mean?

Become better

When gamers say git gud, they’re essentially telling someone they need to improve their playing skills. This phrase is often used in a mocking tone, usually aimed at a player who is not performing well. For example, if a player named Alex keeps complaining about never having any luck in the game, another player, say Ben, might respond with “nah, you just need to git gud.”

The phrase “git gud noob” is another common usage of this slang. In this context, the term implies that a player is performing so poorly that it seems like they’re new to the game. It’s a more direct way of saying, “you’re playing like a beginner.”

Sometimes, the term git gud is used in a more positive light. A player might say they want to git gud at a certain game or skill, indicating their desire to improve. However, most often, it’s used as an insult, thrown at other players not performing up to par.

Example for using ‘Git Gud’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that guy’s gameplay? It was terrible!

Haha yeah, he definitely needs to git gud!

I know, right? He keeps blaming luck instead of improving his skills.

Exactly! He should stop whining and start practicing.