Give Us The Tea

What does Give Us The Tea mean?

Tell us the juicy gossip

When you hear someone say ‘Give Us The Tea’, they’re asking for any juicy gossip or secrets. This phrase is a modern take on older sayings like “spill your guts” or “spill the beans”.

So where did this phrase come from? Well, it’s actually related to another phrase, “Spill the tea”, which itself is a variant of the term “Spill the T”. Here, the “T” stands for “truth”.

Interestingly, the term was first used by a drag queen named Madame Butterfly in the 1994 book “Twilight in the Garden of Love and Hate”. The variant phrase, ‘Give Us The Tea’, gained popularity in 2018 and has been commonly used ever since.

Example for using ‘Give Us The Tea’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sarah’s breakup?

No, spill the tea! What happened?

Well, apparently they had a huge fight and decided to call it quits.

Oh wow, I didn’t see that coming. Thanks for giving us the tea!