What does GL stand for?

Good luck

GL is a short form used on the internet to say “good luck”. Quite popular in the gaming world, it’s a quick message sent before a game begins.

It’s not just about wishing luck, sometimes it may be used with a hint of sarcasm. Especially, when gamers are not happy or are feeling a bit competitive, they might use GL in a sarcastic way.

However, it’s not limited to just gaming. You might find yourself using GL to cheer someone on before they step into a challenging situation. Maybe before your friend, let’s say Tom, has to have a tough talk with his flatmate, or when your sister, for instance, Emily, is about to pull an all-nighter at work.

Example for using ‘GL’ in a conversation

Hey, are you ready for the big game tonight? πŸ€

Yeah, I’ve been practicing all week! GL! 🀞

Thanks! I’ll need it. This team is tough. πŸ’ͺ

You got this! Remember, teamwork is key. GL! πŸ™Œ