Glam Shaming

What does Glam Shaming mean?

Giving someone grief for being overly glamorous

Glam shaming is when someone gets criticized for appearing too glamorous. This could be because they’re wearing a lot of makeup or their hair is styled too nicely. People usually glam shame others when they feel that person looks too good, which can make the person on the receiving end feel bad about their appearance.

This kind of shaming often happens when someone thinks that the glamorous person is dressed inappropriately for a certain event, like a casual outing, a somber occasion, or a sports match. Most of the time, the recipients of glam shaming are women, such as celebrities or fashion models.

Social media platforms are common places where glam shaming happens. People might post negative comments on a glamorous person’s photo, suggesting they’re trying too hard or are out of place. This act of putting down someone for their effort in looking good is what we call glam shaming.

Example for using ‘Glam Shaming’ in a conversation

Did you see Sarah’s new profile picture? She looks stunning! πŸ’„πŸ’…

I know, right? But some people are always quick to glam shame her. πŸ˜’

What? Why would they do that? She’s just expressing herself and looking fabulous! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I think they feel threatened by her confidence and beauty. It’s really unfair. πŸ˜”