What does Glazing mean?

Buttering up to someone

When someone is accused of ‘glazing’, it suggests that they are overly praising or excessively flattering another person to a point that it becomes awkward. This slang sprung up in 2021 and has an underlying sexual innuendo. (If you’re uncertain about the sexual undertones of ‘glazing’, you’re probably better off not knowing.)

The term ‘glazing’ initially popped up among users of Discord and Twitter, but its usage quickly spread like wildfire. In no time, it was being tossed around all over the place, from TikTok and Twitch to YouTube.

So, if you come across people accusing each other of ‘glazing’ on these platforms, now you know they’re not talking about a doughnut. They’re accusing someone of laying it on too thick with their compliments or flattery.

Example for using ‘Glazing’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new TikTok video?

Yeah, I did! The guy was totally glazing on the comments section.

Haha, I know right? He was praising the video like there’s no tomorrow!

Exactly! It was so cringeworthy, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.