What does GL&GH stand for?

Good luck and good hunting

When you see ‘GL&GH’ in a message, it’s a friendly way of saying “good luck and good hunting.” This slang is commonly used when someone is about to start a search or embark on a mission of some sort.

Let’s say you mention to your friend that you are on your way to shop for a gift for your nephew. In response, your friend might say, “GL&GH, try to be back by 6.” They’re essentially wishing you success in your quest to find the perfect gift (and also hoping you’ll be back in time for any planned activities).

So, ‘GL&GH’ is a supportive phrase used to cheer someone on in their endeavors. It’s a way to express hope for someone’s success and timely completion of a task or challenge.

Example for using ‘GL&GH’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m going hiking tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll find some amazing views!

GL&GH! Take some cool pictures too! 📸