What does GLHFTTYL stand for?

Good luck, have fun, talk to you later

When you see GLHFTTYL, it’s a friendly sign-off acronym often used by gamers. It’s short for “good luck, have fun, talk to you later.”

Most commonly, you’ll find this term in online gaming chats. When a player is ready to leave, they’ll pop in a quick GLHFTTYL to wish their game buddies well.

It’s not just for gaming, though. Some people also use GLHFTTYL to wrap up text or chat conversations. The meaning stays the same, but the “have fun” bit applies to whatever you’re doing next. So, if someone says GLHFTTYL at the end of a chat about cooking, they’re wishing you a good time with your culinary adventures.

And if you’re wondering why someone would use such a specific phrase outside of a gaming context – it’s probably because they’re a gamer. So, GLHFTTYL – enjoy your games, chats, and all other activities!

Example for using ‘GLHFTTYL’ in a conversation

Hey, are you ready for our gaming session tonight?

Absolutely! GLHFTTYL! 🎮👍

Thanks! Let’s crush it! 💪

For sure! Talk to you later! 👋