What does Glitching mean?

Video game not working right

Glitching happens when a video game doesn’t work as it should. This could affect the game’s graphics, gameplay, and audio. Despite extensive testing before games hit the market, glitches can still happen when you’re playing.

It’s more common with older gaming systems that use physical game storage like cartridges or CDs. If your cartridge is causing glitches, the tried-and-true method of blowing into it might help. If there’s a scratch on your CD, you might be able to fix it with a scratch repair solution.

Glitches can also happen with digital games if there’s a bug in the game. Sometimes, people also refer to internet problems that mess up online gameplay as glitching.

Example for using ‘Glitching’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new video game I got?

Yeah, I played it yesterday. It was so much fun!

Awesome! Did you experience any glitching while playing?

Actually, yeah. There were some graphic glitches in a few levels.