Glow Up

What does Glow Up mean?

To change in an amazing way for the better

Imagine someone or something changing in a super positive way, that’s what ‘Glow Up’ is all about! This transformation could be slow and steady or quick and shocking. It might be here to stay or only last a little while.

The term ‘Glow Up’ is like a cooler version of ‘grow up’. ‘Grow’ is replaced with ‘glow’ because this transformation is so awesome, it’s like they’re glowing. This phrase became a big deal around the mid-2010s and people started using it all over social media to talk about amazing transformations.

Mostly, people use ‘Glow Up’ to talk about a person who’s changed a lot, and for the better! This change might just be on the outside, like a killer makeover, or it could be something deeper, like a major change in their outlook on life.

But it’s not just people who can glow up! Things can glow up too when they get a new look or an upgrade. So whether it’s a house, car, or a piece of clothing, if it’s had a major positive change, it’s glowed up!

Example for using ‘Glow Up’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Sarah lately? She’s had such a glow up! ✨

I know, right? She looks amazing! Her style has completely transformed. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Yeah, and not just her looks. She seems more confident and happy too. It’s like she’s a whole new person. 🌟

Definitely! I’m so proud of her. It’s inspiring to see someone glow up like that. πŸ’ͺ