What does GLWT stand for?

Good luck with that

Think of a time when someone gave you a task that seemed impossible. They might have wished you GLWT, or “good luck with that”. This is a quick way of saying that they think you’re way in over your head and won’t be able to finish the task, no matter how lucky you get.

Often, people use GLWT with a dash of sarcasm. They do not actually believe you’ll succeed, but they’re saying it anyway. It’s a bit like a backhanded compliment. You’re being wished luck, but at the same time, you’re being told you won’t make it.

If you believe the person genuinely meant to wish you luck when they said GLWT, you could respond with a simple ‘thx’ or ‘TY’, which stand for ‘thanks’ and ‘thank you’. These are quick and casual ways of showing your appreciation.

However, if you think they were being sarcastic when they sent GLWT, you might want to respond with ‘watevs’ or ‘weva’. These are slang terms that mean ‘whatever’, showing that you’re not bothered by their lack of faith. And maybe, just maybe, you might want to tell them to stop being so negative.

Example for using ‘GLWT’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m thinking of entering a hot dog eating contest. What do you think?