What does GMAB stand for?

Give me a break

When you see GMAB, it is short for “give me a break.” It’s a common term used in texting or chatting when someone wants you to ease up on them or they think what you’re saying is hard to believe.

Suppose you send a text to your friend, Alex, reminding them they forgot to do their chores. Alex might reply with “GMAB, I’ve been busy all day.” Here, Alex is using GMAB to ask you to be a bit more understanding about their situation.

Another example is if you tell your friend, Sam, that you’re making dinner tonight. Sam might respond with “GMAB – you can’t even boil water.” In this case, Sam is expressing disbelief at your claim, implying that you should probably try to cook more often.

Example for using ‘GMAB’ in a conversation

Hey, can you pick up some milk on your way home?

GMAB, I’m already running late. Can you do it?

Sure, I’ll grab it. But next time, please let me know in advance.

GMAB, I didn’t know I would be stuck in traffic. I’ll try to give you more notice next time.