What does GNO stand for?

Girls’ night out

Imagine a fun-packed evening where a group of women decide to hang out together. This is what the acronym GNO, Girls’ Night Out, refers to. It’s a term that surfaces when a bunch of ladies plan an eventful outing, leaving their significant others at home.

For instance, when you question your buddy Mike about his arrangements for Saturday, he might reply, “Actually, I’m free. My girlfriend is having a GNO with her close pals.” This implies that Mike’s girlfriend has scheduled a Girls’ Night Out with her friends, freeing him up for other activities.

In a nutshell, GNO is a popular slang term used to represent a casual, entertaining evening planned exclusively by women. It’s a time for them to let their hair down and enjoy a night out with their girlfriends.

Example for using ‘GNO’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free on Friday?

Yeah, I am! What’s up?

My BFFs and I are planning a GNO! Wanna join?

Sounds like fun! Count me in! πŸ˜„