What does GNST stand for?

Good night, sleep tight

GNST is a frequently used abbreviation in online chats or text messages before heading off to sleep. It’s short for “good night, sleep tight”, a common phrase that people use to wish others a good sleep.

While it’s hard to pinpoint where the phrase came from, a popular story traces it back to the 1800s. Back then, people used tight ropes to support their mattresses, so a “tight” sleep meant a peaceful rest. The abbreviation GNST started popping up in the 2000s, as more people began using the internet and mobile phones.

GNST is perfect for various scenarios. You can use it in text messages, emails, or online chats when you’re about to hit the sack. Or, if you know the person you’re chatting with is about to get some shut-eye, like after a graveyard shift or taking care of a newborn, you can drop them a GNST.

Example for using ‘GNST’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still awake? πŸŒ™

Yeah, I’m just about to go to bed. 😴

Alright, GNST! Sleep well and sweet dreams! 😊

Thank you! GNST to you too! 🌟