Go Deep

What does Go Deep mean in Baseball?

Smashing a ball out of the park

In the game of baseball, when a player smacks a home run over the outfield wall, it’s often referred to as “going deep.” For instance, a commentator might shout, “Jones just went deep on Smith for the sixth run of the inning!”

Going deep is just one of the many ways to describe hitting a home run in baseball. Other terms include tater trot, yard, dinger, and four bagger. These phrases all have the same meaning but add a bit of flavor to the game’s lingo.

Interestingly, the term “go deep” isn’t just for hitters. It can also refer to pitchers who manage to stay in the game into the later innings. As an example, a spectator might express, “I’m hoping Johnson can go deep tonight to help our bullpen get some rest.”

Example for using ‘Go Deep’ in a conversation

Hey, which wk are we starting the new project?

We are starting it next wk.

Cool. Do we have all the resources for the project?

Yes, everything is set for next wk.