Go Ham

What does Go Ham mean?

Perform something with full force

When you hear someone saying they’re about to “go ham,” they’re communicating their intent to do something with all-out gusto and passion. This term is frequently used in gaming circles, among vibrant social media users, or in casual chats among friends. For instance, an eager gamer planning a big takedown might announce they’re “going ham.”

The origin of the phrase ‘go ham’ is a bit fuzzy. It’s speculated that it’s connected to other ham-related idioms, like hamming it up or hamfisted. These expressions draw their meaning from the similarity between a pig’s hams and big hands. Hence, a hamfisted actor might refer to one with an excessive and dramatic acting style.

Another popular theory is that ‘go ham’ is an acronym, standing for “hard as a mother****er.” This interpretation is, however, a backronym, meaning the acronym was created to fit the phrase, and not the other way around. This version gained popularity after being featured in a 2011 song “H.A.M.” by hip-hop artists Jay-Z and Kanye West.

You can use the phrase ‘go ham’ whenever you’re doing something with extreme enthusiasm, whether it’s on social media, during a gaming session, or in real-life situations. For instance, if you’re about to devour a whole pizza from Domino’s, you may snap a picture, upload it on Twitter, and caption it “going ham on this cheesy delight.”

Example for using ‘Go Ham’ in a conversation

Hey, what are you up to tonight?

Not much, just gonna go ham on this new video game I got!

Nice! Which game is it?

It’s called “Battle Royale.” I’ve been practicing all week, and now I’m ready to go ham on those opponents!