Go Home

What does Go Home mean?

Go Home means Go away

When someone tells you to ‘Go Home’, they’re basically asking you to stop what you’re doing and leave. This slang is often used on the internet to ask a person to stop posting or commenting.

It’s generally used as a put-down, similar to other internet insults like the harsh “delete your account” or even the more severe “kill yourself”. These phrases are all ways to tell someone to stop their current behavior, because it’s not appreciated or wanted.

Sometimes you might see the phrase elongated to “Go home, you’re drunk”. This is used in response to a peculiar or outlandish statement or action by someone, suggesting that they’re acting as if they were under the influence of alcohol. The phrase implies that the person is not thinking clearly or behaving rationally.

The term “Go home, you’re drunk” has also become a series of popular memes. They are used to highlight bizarre or abnormal incidents, further emphasizing the humorous side of the phrase.

Example for using ‘Go Home’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new movie? It was so boring! πŸ™„

Go home. πŸ˜’

What? Why are you telling me to go home? I’m just expressing my opinion!

No, I mean stop talking about it. It’s not worth discussing. πŸ˜‘