Go Viral

What does Go Viral mean?

To get really famous on the web

When we use the phrase ‘Go Viral’, we are talking about something like a video, picture, or even a tweet, that gets a lot of attention online in a short amount of time. This happens when people start sharing that piece of content like crazy, and it starts popping up everywhere on the internet.

The term is often linked with memes, which are funny images or videos that spread quickly on the internet. But it’s not just about memes. Any piece of content, whether it’s a heartwarming story, a shocking news, or an amazing performance, can ‘Go Viral’ if enough people share it.

Another way of saying something has gone viral is to say it has ‘Gone Viral’. This means the content has already made its rounds on the internet and has reached a large number of people.

So, next time you see a video or image spreading quickly on the internet, you’ll know it’s ‘Going Viral’.

Example for using ‘Go Viral’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that video of the dancing cat?

Yes! It’s hilarious! I heard it went viral.

Definitely! It’s all over social media.

I’m not surprised. Anything cute and funny tends to go viral these days.