Goblin Mode

What does Goblin Mode mean?

Acting out in Goblin Mode

When someone goes into Goblin Mode, they are embracing a lifestyle that is carefree, messy, and a bit reckless. It’s a state of mind where the opinions of others are completely disregarded. This way of living closely resembles the habits of a goblin, hence the name.

People who are in Goblin Mode don’t bother about their appearance or hygiene. They put minimal effort into these areas, demonstrating a clear lack of concern. They also show little interest in carrying out even the simplest tasks around the house.

Moreover, a person in Goblin Mode has a strong craving for junk food. Some even take their goblin behavior a step further by stealing items or playing tricks on those around them. It’s as if they’ve adopted the mischievous nature of a true goblin.

For instance, if your friend Mike spent his entire weekend glued to his video games, consuming an unhealthy amount of energy drinks, swiping your snacks from the fridge, and neglecting his personal hygiene, you could say that Mike is in Goblin Mode. (Though, it might also be fair to say that Mike needs to learn some roommate etiquette.)

Example for using ‘Goblin Mode’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Mike at the party last night?

Yeah, he was in full goblin mode!

Haha, what do you mean?

He showed up in sweatpants, didn’t dance, and ate all the pizza without sharing!