What does GOLF stand for?

Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden

When guys say they’re planning a GOLF event, they’re not necessarily talking about hitting the greens and working on their swing. GOLF is an acronym that stands for “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden“.

Suppose your buddy, Jake, is organizing a video game night. He might mention, “Friday’s game night is GOLF; no girlfriends or wives invited.” This means the gaming session is strictly for the boys, and the ladies are not invited.

This can be a tricky situation if your girlfriend or wife was hoping to join in. But remember, GOLF events are just for the guys to hang out together.

Example for using ‘GOLF’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the game tonight?

Sorry, can’t make it. It’s GOLF, bro.

Oh, got it. Enjoy the guys-only time!