What does Gonna mean?

Gonna is slang for Going to

Gonna is an informal way of saying ‘going to’. It’s a perfect example of how two words can be smushed together to create a new one, making conversation quicker and more casual. It finds its place in everyday speech, text messages and social media.

Just like how ‘gonna’ is used, there are other examples of this linguistic phenomenon too. For instance, ‘dunno’ is a combination of ‘don’t’ and ‘know’. These are part of a particular type of slang where two words are merged to form a single one.

So, the next time you hear or see ‘gonna’, remember it’s just a fun and quick way of saying ‘going to’. It’s a great example of the flexibility and creativity of language, especially in informal settings.

Example for using ‘Gonna’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free tonight?

Yeah, I’m gonna watch a movie with some friends. Why?

I was thinking we could grab dinner. What time are you gonna be done?

I’ll be done around 9. We can meet up after that. Where do you wanna go?