What does Gorge mean?

Gorge is slang for Gorgeous

‘Gorge’ is a shortened term commonly used as a compliment for someone or something that is incredibly attractive or beautiful. It’s something you would say when you see something so stunning, it takes your breath away. For instance, you might be shopping with a friend and spot an absolutely stunning dress in a shop window. You could turn to your friend and say, “Wow, that dress is totally gorge!”

Another scenario could be when your bestie shares a new selfie on social media. You’re so taken aback by her radiating beauty that you comment, “Your selfie is gorge! I’m so jealous!” Whether it’s in person, through texts, or on social media, ‘gorge’ is a versatile term used to express admiration for something’s or someone’s beauty.

Although anyone can use ‘gorge’, it’s often associated with the so-called ‘valley girl’ persona. These are girls typically from Southern California who are known for their unique way of speaking. They frequently use ‘gorge’ when talking about beauty-related topics, such as their hair, makeup, outfits, or footwear.

Example for using ‘Gorge’ in a conversation

OMG! Just saw your new profile pic! 😍

Aww, thanks! I finally got a good shot. 😊

It’s gorge! Seriously, you look amazing! πŸ’–

Aw, stop it! You’re making me blush. πŸ™ˆ