Gotta Blast

What does Gotta Blast mean?

Need to Go Quickly

If you hear someone saying they’ve ‘gotta blast’, it’s a fun and fanciful way of telling you they need to go. Picture them putting their phone away, strapping themselves into a rocket, and zooming off to their next task or adventure.

But don’t take it too literally. They’re probably not hopping on a real rocket. It’s just a more exciting way of saying they’re busy and can’t chat right now. They might be off doing something else, and won’t be available to respond to messages for a while.

The phrase ‘gotta blast’ is a ramped-up version of the old-school ‘gotta jet’. It seems this generation thought planes were just a bit too boring and needed an upgrade. So, they swapped out jets for rockets to add a bit more drama.

Example for using ‘Gotta Blast’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to hang out later?

Sorry, can’t today. Gotta blast! πŸš€