What does GOWM stand for?

Go out with me

When someone messages you with GOWM, what they’re really asking is if you’d like to go out with them. It’s often found in longer messages, for instance, “Will you GOWM?” or the slightly different, “Do you want to GOWM?”

However, if you get a message that only says GOWM, without any other context, you might want to reconsider your response. That’s because a demanding message like this, especially when it’s phrased as an acronym, doesn’t usually lead to a good relationship.

So, the next time someone asks you to GOWM, you’ll know exactly what they mean. And remember, how you respond could set the tone for the rest of your interactions with them.

Example for using ‘GOWM’ in a conversation

Hey, what are you up to this weekend?

Not much, just chilling. Why?

Well, I was wondering… GOWM? 😏

Haha, you’re funny! Sure, I’d love to go out with you. Where do you want to go?