What does GR stand for?

Gotta Run

If anyone tells you they GR, they’re saying they’ve “gotta run.” What this means is that the person you’re chatting with needs to go somewhere else and can’t keep the conversation going with you.

Usually, people end conversations using G2G when they need to rush off somewhere. But GR, being a letter less, is used when someone really needs to dash off in a hurry.

Example for using ‘GR’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to talk?

Yeah, what’s up?

Just wanted to catch up and see how you’re doing.

I’m good, thanks! Just busy with work right now.

No worries. Take your time. 😊

Appreciate it! Actually, GR, gotta run! Talk to you later!

Sure thing! Catch up with you soon. πŸ‘