What does Grand mean?

‘Grand’ is slang for ‘A thousand dollars’

If you hear someone say, “Grand“, they’re usually not talking about something large or impressive. In the world of slang, “Grand” stands for a thousand dollars. It’s a common term used when talking about money.

In financial jargon, you might hear that 1 grand equals 10 Franks, a nickname for a hundred-dollar bill. This slang term is quite similar to other money-related slang like “G” or “stack”, all representing the same amount – a thousand bucks.

Often, people use “Grand” to indicate how much they shelled out for a purchase. For example, if you hear someone say, “That car cost me 20 grand,” they mean they spent $20,000 on the car. You might also spot this term on the wrapper of the “100 Grand” candy bar, a playful nod to its high-value name.

Example for using ‘Grand’ in a conversation

Hey, just bought this new phone for 1 grand! 💸

Wow, that’s a lot! Is it worth it? 📱

Definitely! It has all the latest features. Plus, it’s sleek and stylish. 💯

Nice! I’m saving up for a trip. Need to save at least 3 grand. 🌴