What does Granola mean?

Lifestyle focused on health and the environment

When you hear the term ‘Granola’, it is often describing a person or lifestyle that has a deep respect for nature and alternative ways of living. This term could be used as an adjective, such as in ‘granola guy’, or as a noun, like ‘He’s so granola’.

The granola lifestyle is centered around reducing one’s impact on the planet. This might include concern for animal welfare, environmental pollution, and a commitment to sustainable living. Hence, it’s common to find granola folks associated with vegans, tree huggers, and people often thought of as hippies.

People living the granola way of life often stick to sustainable practices like composting their waste, shopping for sustainable products, and choosing stores that offer natural, alternative food products. A granola person is also likely to be found hiking and embracing the great outdoors, typically sporting clothing from brands like Patagonia and footwear from Birkenstock.

The origin of the term ‘granola’ as a slang goes back to the 1960s when granola food became popular among nature enthusiasts, especially hippies, as a trail snack. Because of this, the term ‘granola’ began to be used as a slang reference to these nature-loving communities. This is also how the term ‘crunchy’ came about in the 2010s, becoming popular especially among health-conscious people and parenting influencers.

Example for using ‘Granola’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the Earth Day event tomorrow?

Of course! You know I’m all about that granola life 🌍🌱

Haha, yeah, you’re such a granola! πŸ˜„

Thanks! I take pride in living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It’s important to me to make a positive impact on the environment and my health. ♻️πŸ₯¦