What does Gravy mean?

‘Gravy’ is slang for ‘Good’

Ever had something go so well you feel like it’s the icing on the cake? That’s what ‘Gravy’ is in slang – it’s when something is so good, it’s like an added bonus. It can be used to describe anything from a great job to a feeling of ultimate relaxation. It’s also a way to say that everything’s fine, even after a screw-up, whether it was on purpose or not.

‘Gravy’ is a term that comes from an old English saying. Life’s necessities are the ‘meat and potatoes’, and any extras – the good stuff – that’s the ‘gravy’. It became a popular slang phrase in the 1970s, and while it’s not used as much these days, you’ll still hear it around.

So when everything’s going your way, that’s ‘gravy’. You might use it to describe your slick new bike, or the feeling you get when the sky’s blue and you’ve got nothing worrying you. It’s all about the good vibes – that’s what ‘gravy’ is all about.

Example for using ‘Gravy’ in a conversation

Hey, did you try that new restaurant downtown?

Yeah, it was gravy! The food was delicious.