What does GR&D stand for?

Grinning, running, and ducking

When someone sends “GR&D” in a message, it means they are aware that their words might upset you. They’re basically saying they’re “grinning, running, and ducking” to avoid any backlash. They are visually portraying their cheeky escape from the hot water they have just stirred.

Let’s consider a scenario. Suppose John is aware that Sarah is self-conscious about her height. Despite this, John decides to playfully poke fun at her. He might send a message like, “Your new heels make you look like a skyscraper. GR&D“.

Another instance could be when you’re stirring up a bit of banter online with fans of a sports team that just lost a match. You could message, “Better luck next season. GR&D“.

While “GR&D” is the most common form, it can also be written as . Other variations include “GD&R”, “GDR”, or “GD&RVF”, especially if the comment was particularly biting.

So, the next time you see “GR&D”, picture someone grinning cheekily as they sprint away, ducking to avoid any imaginary objects you might throw at them in response to their playful jibe.

Example for using ‘GR&D’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that picture Lisa posted on Instagram?

Yeah, she’s wearing this really weird hat.

Haha, it makes her nose look even bigger! GR&D 😜

Oh, you’re gonna get it now! 😑