What does Grill mean?

‘Grill’ means ‘Face’

When someone mentions the word ‘Grill’, they’re talking about a person’s face or their personal space. It’s a slang term that’s often used when someone is getting too involved in someone else’s business or issues.

It can also mean jewelry like gold or diamond teeth. You might have heard the term in songs like “Grillz” by different artists like Big Gipp, Ali, and Paul Wall, where they refer to icy, shiny teeth enhancements.

So, if you hear someone say ‘Grill’, they’re either referring to a person’s face, their personal space, or some bling in their mouth. Depending on the context, the meaning may vary.

Example for using ‘Grill’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that guy’s new grill? 😮

Yeah, it’s so bling! 💎

I know, right? It’s like he’s got a disco ball in his mouth! 😂

Haha, definitely a statement piece for his face! 🤩