What does GSHIWMP stand for?

Giggling so hard I wet my pants

When you encounter something so funny that it makes you laugh uncontrollably, to the point of almost wetting your pants, you may use the slang term GSHIWMP. This slang isn’t used by everyone, it’s pretty unusual. Most commonly it’s used by people who really know their slang or enjoy using it as an inside joke with their buddies or family members.

Even though GSHIWMP is meant to be a bit of an exaggeration, there are times when something is so funny that you feel you could actually wet yourself laughing. This could happen while watching a side-splitting comedy show, witnessing a hilarious mix-up between different languages, or simply being amused by the antics of a group of squirrels.

Another situation where you might use GSHIWMP is when you’re watching videos of people failing at various tasks. These videos can be so hilariously terrible that they might just make you laugh so hard you wet your pants. However, if this happens too often, you might want to consider getting yourself some adult diapers!

Example for using ‘GSHIWMP’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that time we watched that comedy show and laughed so hard?

Oh yeah, I couldn’t stop GSHIWMP! πŸ˜‚