What does GSM stand for?

Gender and sexuality minority

GSM is a term that is often used by those who don’t identify as straight or cis. This acronym is frequently used in place of LGBTQ and its longer versions (LGBTQIA, LGBTQIA2S, etc.) in online communication. It can be seen on social media, in online discussion groups, and in online chats.

GSM is part of the many abbreviations that the LGBTQ community developed during the 2010s. Its purpose is to easily communicate their identity to others, especially on the internet.

An example of its use could be a trans individual sharing their experiences on a platform like Twitter, discussing the difficulties of living as a GSM in a society that doesn’t recognize their existence.

Example for using ‘GSM’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of the term GSM?

Yeah, I have! It stands for Gender and Sexuality Minority.

Exactly! It’s used by non-straight or non-cis people to identify as being in the minority regarding their gender and sexuality.

I see. So it’s like a shorter version of LGBTQ?

Exactly! It’s often used online instead of LGBTQ and its longer variations.

That makes sense. It’s great how the LGBTQ community creates these acronyms to express their identities.