What does GT2T stand for?

Got time to talk

GT2T is a popular acronym that stands for “got time to talk”. It’s typically used in text conversations or online chats to check if the other person is available for a chat.

For instance, if your buddy, Mike, wants to talk to you about something, he might send you a message like “GT2T? I could use a friendly ear.” If you’re not busy, you can reply with something like “Sure, Mike, I’ve GT2T.”

The person who uses GT2T might want to chat with you over the phone or through an online chat. So, if you’re unsure about how they want to chat, it’s a good idea to ask in your response or let them know what works best for you.

Example for using ‘GT2T’ in a conversation

Hey, GT2T?

Yeah, what’s up?

I need some advice. Can we talk?

Sure, I’ve got time to talk. What’s on your mind?