What does GTK stand for?

Good to know

If you’ve ever shared a piece of useful information with someone and they’ve responded with GTK, they were essentially saying “thanks for letting me know”. This slang acronym is a quick and concise way to show appreciation for the knowledge you’ve passed on.

GTK, or ‘good to know’, is commonly used in text messages or chat conversations among friends, family, and colleagues. It’s a typical response after someone has shared a handy piece of news or advice.

For instance, if you inform a colleague named Mike that the routine team meeting has been called off, he might reply with “GTK, I can grab a bagel on the way!” (And if you’re lucky, he might grab one for you too!).

Example for using ‘GTK’ in a conversation

Hey, did you know that the party is at Sarah’s house tonight?

GTK! I’ll bring some snacks with me.

Awesome! The more, the merrier. See you there!

Can’t wait! Thanks for letting me know.