What does GTPB stand for?

Got to pee badly

When you’re deep in an online game or busy chatting in a room and suddenly you feel nature’s call, you might drop the slang ‘GTPB’. It’s an abbreviation for ‘Got To Pee Badly’, a quick and convenient way to let others know you need to hit the loo.

It’s a more casual variant of ‘G2PB’, meaning the same thing. People often use it when they’re part of a remote collaboration – like a gaming session or a group chat – and they need to step away for a bathroom break.

So, next time when you’re in the middle of an intense conversation or gameplay and need a quick exit, just drop a ‘GTPB’. It’s an easy, fast way to communicate your temporary absence without disrupting the flow too much.

Example for using ‘GTPB’ in a conversation

Hey, are you online?

Yeah, what’s up?

I need to tell you something, GTPB 🚽

Haha, no problem. Take your time! πŸ’¦