What does Gurl mean?

Gurl is slang for Girl

Gurl is a fun and playful spelling twist on the word “girl”. It’s often used among females as a friendly term.

But it’s not just a term of camaraderie. Sometimes, it’s used to call out a woman for being hypocritical. So, if a woman is saying one thing but doing another, she may be called a ‘gurl’.

Another time when ‘gurl’ might be used is in a love triangle situation. If a woman tries to steal another woman’s man, she might be called a ‘gurl’ as a way of highlighting her actions.

So, ‘gurl’ is a versatile term with a few different uses. It can be a sign of friendship, a call-out, or a warning about bad behavior. It all depends on the context.

Example for using ‘Gurl’ in a conversation

Hey gurl! Did you see that cute guy at the party last night? 😍

Yes, gurl! He was totally my type! 😏

Wait, gurl, didn’t you say you weren’t interested in dating right now? πŸ€”

Oh, gurl, you caught me! I couldn’t resist his charm! πŸ˜…