Gypsy Cop

What does Gypsy Cop mean?

A cop who moves from one police station to another

Gypsy Cop is a term used to describe a police officer who frequently shifts from one station to another. This term is typically used for officers who have been let go from their jobs and then rehired at another station.

It’s important to note that Gypsy Cop is generally viewed in a negative light. This is because it characterizes an officer who has been terminated numerous times, predominantly due to issues related to their conduct.

These so-called Gypsy Cops often find opportunities to move between different stations due to several reasons. One reason can be the challenges faced in recruiting and training new officers. Another reason is the belief that the officer’s issues can be rectified, or sometimes, the officer’s past misconducts are not properly documented or examined.

Example for using ‘Gypsy Cop’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that gypsy cop?

Yeah, I heard they keep transferring from station to station.

It’s crazy, right? They must have been fired multiple times.

Definitely. It’s not a good sign if they can’t stick to one place.