What does H/P stand for?

Hold please

When you’re in the middle of an online conversation and see H/P, it’s a request to “hold please.” It’s a way for the person you’re chatting with to ask for a brief pause in the conversation.

H/P is frequently used when someone has multiple chats or calls happening simultaneously and needs to manage them. Alternatively, they might be looking up some information that is relevant to the conversation.

It’s important to note that when someone asks you to H/P, they should ideally only be away for a short time. It’s not a nice thing to leave someone waiting for a long time without a good reason. So, hopefully, your chat partner will return promptly to the conversation.

Example for using ‘H/P’ in a conversation

Hey, do you have a moment?

H/P, just finishing up something.

No worries, take your time. Just wanted to ask if you’ve seen the latest movie?

Not yet, but I heard it’s really good. I’ll check it out soon.