What does H/w mean?


H/w is short for homework, the tasks that teachers give students to do at their homes. This could be anything from writing an essay, making a presentation, to completing a worksheet.

A lot of students don’t like h/w because it often cuts into their free time, when they’d rather be doing fun things like watching a movie or chilling at a friend’s place. However, from elementary school to college, h/w is something that all students have to deal with.

Over the years, how students do their h/w has changed quite a bit. Back in the 1980s, students had to do their work with pen and paper, or on a typewriter. But these days, in the 2020s, students often do and submit their h/w online, using computers.

H/w is a term mostly used by tweens, teens, and young adults. Sometimes, you might also see it written without the slash, like hw.

Example for using ‘H/w’ in a conversation

Hey, did you finish your h/w?

No, I haven’t even started yet. It’s so boring!

I know, right? I’d rather be doing anything else.

Exactly! I’d rather be watching a movie or playing games.