What does H1 stand for?

First half

H1 is a handy piece of jargon that you might come across in financial circles. Essentially, it stands for the first six months of the year, from January to June.

So, when you hear people in the finance industry using ‘H1’, they’re just referring to the period of time that spans the first half of the calendar year. This term is particularly common when discussing things like sales and profit reports.

Why? Because businesses often split their fiscal year into two halves for reporting purposes, and ‘H1’ is a quick and easy way to refer to the first of these halves.

So next time you’re reading a financial report and come across ‘H1’, you’ll know exactly what it means. It’s just a simple shorthand for ‘the first half of the year’.

Example for using ‘H1’ in a conversation

Hey! How’s work going?

Pretty good! Just finished compiling the H1 sales report.

Oh, what’s H1?

It stands for the first half of the year, from January to June.