What does H4U stand for?

Hot for you

H4U is a popular slang acronym. It’s often used when someone finds another person attractive. For instance, a guy might use it when talking to his girlfriend, or a husband might say it to his wife to express his admiration.

It’s a simple and fun way to show someone that you think they’re good looking. So if Mike wants to tell his girlfriend Jenny that he finds her attractive, he could just say, “H4U, Jenny.”

Remember, slang like H4U can make interactions more lively and engaging. So, don’t shy away from using it when you want to compliment someone’s looks.

Example for using ‘H4U’ in a conversation

Hey, just wanted to say H4U ❀️

Aww, thanks! H4U too! 😊

You’re looking amazing today! H4U πŸ’•

Aw, you’re so sweet! H4U too! πŸ’–