What does Hackbook mean?

A laptop that uses an unauthorized macOS version is called a ‘Hackbook’

A Hackbook is a laptop that’s not made by Apple, but has been modified to run the macOS, Apple’s operating system. This term comes from blending ‘hack’ and ‘MacBook’.

Apple’s official policies don’t allow macOS to run on non-Apple hardware, as stated in their end user license agreement. Even so, there are users who modify both software and hardware to create a Hackbook. This could be because they find MacBooks too pricey or they prefer the hardware of other laptops, usually PCs.

The term Hackbook can also be replaced with ‘hackintoshes.’ However, ‘hackintoshes’ generally denotes non-Apple desktop computers that have been modified to run macOS without authorization.

Example for using ‘Hackbook’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got a new laptop!

Nice! What kind is it?

It’s a hackbook.

A hackbook? What’s that?

It’s a non-Apple laptop running an unauthorized version of macOS.