What does HAGN stand for?

Have a good night

When you’re chatting online and someone sends you HAGN, they’re wishing you a “have a good night.” You’ll usually see this acronym when a conversation is wrapping up.

There are a few ways to reply if someone sends you a HAGN. You can say U2, which means “you too”, or RBAY, which stands for “right back at you”.

If you’re looking forward to catching up with the person again soon, you can use SYT, TTYS, or SYS. These acronyms mean “see you tomorrow”, “talk to you soon”, and “see you soon” respectively.

Example for using ‘HAGN’ in a conversation

Hey, are you coming to the party tonight?

Sorry, I can’t make it. Have a good night! HAGN! πŸŒ™

No problem! HAGN too! 😊

Thanks! Talk to you tomorrow! TTYS! πŸ“ž