What does HAGO stand for?

Have a good one

HAGO is a popular slang phrase which is short for “have a good one.” It’s typically used at the end of conversations, either in text or chat, to wish the other person a pleasant day or time.

It’s interesting to note that HAGO is part of a bigger group of acronyms referred to as HAG-related acronyms. These acronyms all start with HAG, which stands for “have a good…”.

One of the most commonly used HAG-related acronyms is HAGS, meaning “have a good summer.” This phrase is often found in the yearbooks of high school students, as they wish their classmates a great summer break.

Example for using ‘HAGO’ in a conversation

Hey, how’s it going?

Hey! I’m good, thanks. Just finished work. HAGO!

Nice! Enjoy your evening. HAGO too!

Thanks! Have a great night! 😊