What does Half-PPR mean in fantasy football?

Half-point per reception league

Half-PPR is short for a type of fantasy football league that gives half a point for each reception, as opposed to the full point in the standard PPR league. This scoring format has become pretty popular among fantasy football enthusiasts as it adds an additional layer to the standard league without overly focusing on the wide receiver (WR) position.

The introduction of PPR and half-PPR has significantly altered the drafting strategies of team owners. The worth of running backs (RBs), wide receivers (WRs), and tight ends (TEs) now fluctuates based on their skill at catching the ball. This is a shift from the standard league where receptions did not contribute to the score.

So, if you are a fantasy football player, understanding these scoring formats like Half-PPR can help you make strategic decisions while drafting your team.

Example for using ‘Half-PPR’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of Half-PPR?

Yeah, it’s a scoring format in fantasy football, right?

That’s right! It stands for Half-point per reception league.

So, instead of getting a full point for each reception, you get half a point?

Exactly! It’s a popular format because it adds a new element to the game without making wide receivers too important.