Hand Sanni

What does Hand Sanni mean?

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanni is a slang term that became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a fun and casual way of saying “hand sanitizer.” The word “sanni” is an abbreviated and playful version of “sanitizer.”

Due to the global health crisis in 2020, hand sanni was seen everywhere. From workplaces to homes and even grocery stores, it became a staple item. Its ubiquity led to it being a hot topic in conversations, both online and offline.

Teens and young adults are the main users of this term. You can often see “hand sanni” popping up on social media or in casual chats. It’s become a part of their lingo. However, older adults don’t typically use this term, as they find it silly or unnecessary.

Example for using ‘Hand Sanni’ in a conversation

Hey, did you bring your hand sanni?

Of course, always gotta have hand sanni with me these days! 🧴

Smart move! Can I borrow some? I forgot mine at home. πŸ™ˆ

No problem! Here you go. 🀲