What does Hanger mean?

Hanger is when you’re feeling hungry and angry at the same time

Ever felt irritable because you missed lunch or breakfast? Well, there’s a slang term for that – ‘Hanger’. It’s what you call the anger that comes from being hungry.

Imagine if your friend, let’s call him John, forgot to eat his lunch. Now he’s grouchy and snapping at everyone. You can say John is experiencing ‘hanger’. It’s a clever blend of the words ‘hunger’ and ‘anger’.

But don’t worry, there’s an easy fix for ‘hanger’. All you need to do is feed the person some food. A sandwich, a piece of fruit, or even a candy bar could do the trick. Once the stomach is happy, the anger usually fades away.

So next time you see someone getting cranky, ask them when was the last time they had something to eat. It might just be a case of ‘Hanger’.

Example for using ‘Hanger’ in a conversation

Ugh, I’m so hangry right now! 😑

Oh no, what happened? πŸ€”

I skipped breakfast and now I’m feeling all this hanger. I need food ASAP! πŸ”

I totally get it! Let’s grab a quick bite. Meet you at the cafe in 10 minutes? β˜•οΈ