What does Harambe mean?

Gorilla named Harambe killed by officials at Cincinnati Zoo

Harambe is a well-known term that originated from a real-life incident at the Cincinnati Zoo. It refers to a gorilla who was shot by zoo officials after a three-year-old boy accidentally fell into his enclosure and was dragged around by him. This incident, which took place on May 28, 2016, sparked a lot of controversy and debate.

The use of Harambe as a slang term gained momentum as a way to keep the memory of the gorilla alive. Many people were upset over the shooting, questioning whether it was necessary or not. Thus, the term was often used in discussions to remind people about the incident.

However, over time, the term has taken on a more humorous tone. Although some people still use Harambe sincerely to remember the gorilla, others have begun to use it as a joke or as a trolling tactic. So, when you see Harambe being used online, it’s likely being used for laughs rather than as a serious reminder of the gorilla’s untimely death.

Example for using ‘Harambe’ in a conversation

Did you see that new meme everyone’s talking about? 🐡

Yeah, it’s about Harambe, the gorilla, right? 🦍

Exactly! Remember when he grabbed that kid at the zoo? 😱

Oh yeah, the whole internet went crazy over that. 🌐