What does Hashtalk mean?

Hashtags that are spoken out loud

Picture this – someone’s actually saying hashtags out loud. This might seem strange to you, because normally, you’d only see hashtags on social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But, that’s what Hashtalk is all about.

It’s not everyday you hear someone say “#GoodMorning” instead of just, well, “Good Morning”. But in the world of Hashtalk, this is completely normal. It’s like they’ve brought the virtual language of social media into real life.

So, next time you hear someone drop a hashtag in their speech, don’t be surprised. They’re just doing some Hashtalk.

Example for using ‘Hashtalk’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new movie? #MindBlown 🀯

Yeah, I saw it too! #EpicPlotTwist πŸŽ₯

Right? #DidntSeeThatComing 😱

Totally! #AmazingActing πŸ‘