What does HCG stand for?

Hardcore Gamer

If you know someone completely engrossed in gaming to the extent that they often miss out on social gatherings, they’re called an HCG. It’s short for Hardcore Gamer, someone who spends countless hours immersed in their game, disregarding the world around them.

A typical HCG would rather play video games than attend important occasions. They can even forget birthdays or anniversaries because they’re too busy playing. Their gaming passion is so intense that their loved ones start worrying.

So, next time you see someone skipping a party to level up their game character, you’ll know what to call them. They’re an HCG, a gamer who makes their virtual world a priority over the real one.

Example for using ‘HCG’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about Sam?

No, what happened?

He’s turned into a total HCG!

HCG? What’s that?

It stands for Hardcore Gamer. Basically, he’s been playing video games non-stop and even missing important events.