What does Heater mean in Baseball?

‘Heater’ is another word for ‘Fastball’

When talking about a Heater, we’re discussing a super-fast fastball pitch in baseball or softball, often clocking in at over 100mph. It’s a term that speaks to the prowess and skill of the pitcher.

Not just any pitcher can throw a Heater. It’s a mark of distinction among players. If you can throw a Heater, you’re in a league of your own. It’s a pitch that takes speed, control, and a whole lot of practice to perfect.

Heater-throwing pitchers are notorious in the game, and they include Pedro Martinez, Justin Verlander, and Bob Gibson. These players have awed fans and opponents alike with their fast and fearsome Heater pitches.

So, next time you hear someone mention a Heater in a baseball or softball game, you know they’re talking about a fastball that’s so fast, it’s almost too hot to handle.

Example for using ‘Heater’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that pitcher’s fastball? It was πŸ”₯!

Oh yeah, that was a serious heater! Almost impossible to hit!

Definitely! Reminded me of Randy Johnson’s killer heaters back in the day.

Totally! Aroldis Chapman and Nolan Ryan were also known for their fearsome heaters.